“Miss Simpson creates arcane iconography to redeem your soul from a recidivist consumer culture”

C.C. O’Hanlon

old money corrupts (blondes) (small)

I was one of the first gamers (ZX81) who also couldn’t resist drawing all over my mother’s fashion magazines whilst I consumed hours of American stories through literature and TV. I guess that pretty much sums up my painting style now. Gaming meets collage in a world of hyper-consumerism with echoes of a kind of distorted futuristic urban landscape, all told by a digital painter.

I grew up in Bathgate at the foothills of the mysterious Bathgate Hills and then later in Edinburgh. Scotland is a land of stories, mystery and intrigue. We are a nation of artists, poets and storytellers. Some of my favourite Scottish painters are an influence on my digital paintings, such as Cadell, the Scottish Colourist. Below is one of his famous portraits, “Portrait of a Lady in Black”. I admire the melancholy and sadness that he has portrayed and tried to portray a little of that in my work below, “Unrequited Love”.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 09.43.50.png

Anna Louise Simpson
Unrequited Love

My work is also an exploration of dystopic urban environments and the people that inhabit them. I think landscape is a part of us. We are never really separate from the land that we inhabit and I wanted to show that in the work below, “Siberian Noise”


I use many different digital tools, to layer up the pixels. My style is digital collage meets pixelated painting. I like to pepper my artworks with text and also sometimes add short stories to my paintings.


Ultimately, I see every artwork as a digital story and like to take my collectors on a journey.

I also like to have several different collections on the go at one time, the reason for that being that it really depends on my mood. One day, I will feel like really getting into a detailed digital painting, like this one – “FORGOTTEN VEGAS”


Another day, I will want to explore a more graphic style digital collage, like one of my “Old Money Corrupts” series – see the artwork below: OLD MONEY CORRUPTS VI


I layer my work with power and fragility; tales of passion and desire are exposed. At times, these stories are gentle whispers, at other times, they are loud and brash graffiti. Fragmented portraits hidden in urban landscapes reveal an honesty and broken reality; a mixed up version of the popular culture that submerges us all.

“Exploring the rips of popular culture and society’s vulnerability, Anna Louise produces images of dystopic fragility…’a keeper of fragile things’”.

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