Goals and Entrepreneurship


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I don’t tend to set New Year Resolutions as such. I prefer to set goals. Big, juicy exciting goals that get me fired up. Goals that keep me working till the wee hours. Goals that allow me to explore my creativity and passions.


Anna Simpson Mama Tea

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. I started Mama Tea from scratch and if I had known then what I know now, I would have treaded a little more carefully. But that is part of the journey and your learn SO MUCH! To be an entrepreneur, you have to have a single minded determination that lifts you and keeps you going through the bad days. But for every bad day, there are a multitude of great days. And freedom! I love the freedom. Freedom to plan my life and create my own reality.


Having goals and determination are tools that I use to push ahead; this gives me an empowered sense of my own reality. I think this is the most exciting thing of all.

Goal Setting

Anna Simpson mama tea

If you have a dream, of any sort, then set a goal. Write it down, read it every day and take a step towards it every day, even if it’s just a tiny baby step. don’t give up on the goal if you do not achieve it by your set time frame. Just keep going. You will get there!

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Anna Louise

Mama Tea

3 thoughts on “Goals and Entrepreneurship

  1. Very nicely put, Anna, especially when you pointed out that even of you don’t achieve a goal within a specific time, keep going. That’s what many of us need… persistence and determination. I also shared the importance of writing them down and even creating a vision board on my blog. Drop by when you have a moment.

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